Welcome to the latest step in an artist's quest to get his art journey back on track.

After researching different computers within his budget, Larry used his savings to get one (his last good one was stolen). Late nights after work, he learned some editing and music programs. Simultaneously, he was rummaging through thousands of drawings, spanning over 2 decades. It was no easy task digging through a room full of drawings, but it was harder to impact the retina with yet another year of the image of an unfulfilled dream stored away. The small room has little space to lay drawings out to see what's what, so Larry used his living room, his backyard, his clothesline, and even the beach, to organize his drawings. In the past, he had rented a camera and took some footage, but did not have the tools, nor the knowledge, to edit any of it, so it remained raw footage…until now. Combining some earlier clips with new footage, he created a 12 minute video. But, a copy of the video had to be cut down to just under 4 minutes to reach the 100MB limit for certain submissions. Larry worked feverishly, editing his video down to approx. 18 video clips, 82 Photos, and 140 drawings, a slideshow, and a stop animation clip, with original music. The spatial and temporal constraints experienced in preparing this submission echo those the artist experienced at the beginning of his art journey some 25 years ago in a factory where he adapted to the fast-pace of the assembly-line while drawing on paper ripped in half to fit on his small drawing board on the factory floor. Variations of the video will be  submitted to competitions and festivals.